Western Victoria is an Upper House region in the Parliament of Victoria and is represented by 5 members in the Legislative Council (the Upper House).

Taking in the sprawling south-west coast, stretching from Little River to the South Australian border, and encompassing major regional centres such as Warrnambool, Geelong and Ballarat. Western Victoria features expansive farmlands in dairy, cattle and grain, in addition to being a driving force in tourism and innovative industries that are vital for Victoria, and Australia.

Just like the landscape from the iconic coast to the mountain ranges, Western Victoria’s cultural fabric is woven by vibrant, diverse, and tight-knit communities who Gayle is proud to represent in our State Parliament.

As your State Member for Western Victoria, Gayle can:

  • Provide information on education, grant programs, health services, community services, seniors information, state concessions, Government programs and public housing
  • Raise issues in the parliament including tabling petitions on behalf of you and your community
  • Liaise with Government agencies, other Ministers and Departments to assist you with any issues you may have
  • Make representations to the relevant Minister on your behalf
  • Assist you with community grant applications
  • Organise congratulatory letters for significant birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries

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If you are a constituent of Western Victoria, and would like to get in touch, please contact Gayle’s Electorate (Parliamentary) Office:

Ground Floor, 1 Yarra Street Geelong VIC 3220

(03) 5224 2088